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Latin-American Physics Education Network (LAPEN)

The Latin-American Physics Education Network (LAPEN), is constituted by working groups on Physics Education that exist in different countries of the region. The creation of LAPEN has been inspired and warranted by members of the International Commission on Physics Education of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. LAPEN was constituted in the International Meeting on Teaching Physics and Training Teachers (RIEFEP 2005) which was held in Matanzas, Cuba in November 2005. Delegates from Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Argentine and Cuba participated in this constitution. The creation of LAPEN was also warranted by the General Assembly of the IX Inter-American Conference on Physics Education held in San José, Costa Rica from 3 to 7 July 2006. Finally, LAPEN was approved in 2006 by the International Commission of Physics Education in Tokyo, Japan.

LAPEN has a Coordinator Committee integrated by a President, a Vice-president and an Executive Secretary and the Coordinators of the network in the different countries where the working groups decide to be part of LAPEN. The functions of these responsibilities are distributed by the members of the Coordinator Committee. The persons elected in the constitution meeting for the mentioned responsibilities during 2010-2013 were:

President: Dr. Eduardo Moltó Gil, ( Cuba )

Vice-president: Dr. Genaro Zavala ( México )

Executive Secretary: M. Sc. Ángel Antonio Rojas García, ( Colombia )

Past President: Dr. César Eduardo Mora Ley, ( México )

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